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SMACS 0723 Throw Blanket

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This blanket comes from the first images released from the James Webb Space Telescope. This specific image features the galactic cluster called SMACS 0723 which in itself contains thousands of galaxies.

Yes you read that right, THOUSANDS of galaxies. This image of the cluster that is printed on this silk touch blanket features galaxies ranging from a blue color to more of a red hue. These colors are how one can determine the age of the galaxy. The older galaxies appear more blue due to lack of dust and those that are more red represent galaxies that are earlier in their life.

Ideal for lounging on couch during the evening or draping over the back of your sofa for an added design element to the room, this blanket can do it all and will fit right into your home.

• 100% polyester
• Soft silk touch fabric
• Printing on one side
• White reverse side
• Machine-washable
• Hypoallergenic
• Flame retardant